About Us

Our Passion Is Helping You Play

Whether you’re just starting with your first instrument or you’re a seasoned pro, every musician is only as good as their gear and their knowledge. We’re here to help you with both. From tutorials to in-depth product reviews to deep dives into music history and theory, we’ve got everything you need to let you live out loud.

No matter what genre or instruments you love, you’ll give you the tools, tips, and tricks that will help you find and master your musical voice.

How We Research

Our team is made up of expert, experienced musicians with years of play-time and research under their belts. There’s no instrument, recording equipment, or new technique we haven’t tried, mastered, or studied extensively – and we’re eager to pass that knowledge along to you. Whether we’re performing on stage, recording in our home studios, or arguing about the best Top 40 producers, our lives are ruled by music – and we know yours is, too.

How We Research

There’s nothing we take more seriously than music, and our obsessively detailed research process proves that. Our team has a wealth of personal, hands-on experience and knowledge, both from years on stage and professional study. When it comes to product reviews, we scour every corner of the internet for user experiences, investigate the brand thoroughly, and pore through sales data. We’re also constantly studying the latest music techniques, so that you can be confident your skills are as sharp and current as possible.

Team MusicVibe

Whether it be the heady sonatas of a lone violin or the thrashing distortion of an amped-up guitar, we here at MusicVibe have an ear for it. Our team has performed gigs, played in concerts, and spent a lifetime fiddling with soundscapes in their bedrooms. They know a musician is only as good as their gear – and that musicians don’t just need the best gear, but they need the right gear for them. We help beginners find their feet in their first foray into the world of frets and fiddles, and give experts a leg-up in finding that studio-defining kit and most importantly, getting the best out of it. We’re here to help you play out your tune, so enjoy our library of content so you can hit the high notes.

Featured Writers

Sebastian Fisher

Seb first laid hands on ebony and ivory keys when he was 5 years old. A young and stern ambition to be a concert pianist quickly frittered away and never recaptured as rock 'n' roll and grunge took its teenage course. His love for music has abided ever since, with a particular delight for the thumping, eternal soundscapes of modern electronica. He believes learning an instrument is a pathway to self-reckoning and actualization, while also giving people a chance to create the art they need to express themselves.

Cody Brown

Cody is a former guitar player and music enthusiast turned content writer. He never quite understood music theory or scales, but he's always believed that music is the soundtrack of the soul. When he's not busy tweaking equalizers and tinkering with computers, he's busy jamming his favorite records while writing about tech and audio gadgets that can help you tune into your spiritual symphony.

Featured Editor

Amanda Stein

Amanda Kaye Stein is a poet, writer, and editor from NYC who is also a dedicated musician and performer. She’s constantly learning new instruments - including the ukulele, piano, drums, guitar, and penny whistle - and she can be found belting out Broadway ballads. She’s committed to helping craft music content that helps other musicians find their voice, no matter what instrument or genre they love.