The 10 Best Karaoke Machines 2024

The 10 Best Karaoke Machines 2024

Karaoke. It’s a word that translates to “void orchestra,” and you are meant to fill that void with your voice. There isn’t anywhere on earth, from seedy bars to death metal Netflix stars like Aggretsuko, that you can escape this worldwide pastime. Now, not even your own home is safe because we have compiled a list of the best Karaoke machines for you to own.

First, we’ll get underway with the main things you need to know to choose one, followed by our top 10 picks with reviews. After that, we’ll get in-depth and closely examine the details. Finally, we’ll cap it all off by answering any questions you might have.

A Quick Look at Karaoke Machines

There are tons of different machines on the market. They range in quality from plastic child’s toy all the way to professional DJ gear, and they have a range in price to match. That’s where this guide comes in. We’ll help you know the key things to look at and let you know how we put together the list.

Key Components

Karaoke machines all have to do two main things. They have to play music and amplify your voice. Some display lyrics too, but many modern devices require you to use your smartphone, TV, or tablet for that.

To perform those tasks, machines all have the same components that vary in quality and design. We get into the details below.

  • Microphones: Microphones vary greatly in quality and come in either wireless or wired varieties.
  • Speakers: Most machines have their own speakers. The general rule is that the higher the wattage, the more volume and quality you will get.
  • Inputs: Wireless inputs like Bluetooth are great if you want to power the machine with your phone. AUX and USB are the best modern music inputs, and we even have a couple of devices that can still use CDs and DVDs.
  • Lights, Screens, and Extras: There are a ton of other features that karaoke machines can have. Some have lights, some have rechargeable batteries, and some are designed to withstand sustained abuse by children.

The Types of Machines

There are two main ways to categorize karaoke machines. The first way is to break them down by size. The second way is to sort them by who they are marketed to and their quality and price.


Machines range from small units that are no bigger than a microphone all the way up to large units that take up an entire stage. Small units are great for storing under the TV and breaking out at family gatherings or dragging out to the beach to annoy the seagulls. Bigger units are perfect for singing enthusiasts that can dedicate a section of their house to be their platform.

Quality and Price

Generally speaking, audio quality is directly tied to the price of the equipment. That’s pretty much a rule for any audio equipment piece, whether it’s a car stereo, guitar amp, or alarm clock radio.

The other part of the quality equation is build quality. A cheap plastic machine will be less expensive than a device made from higher quality materials.

Quickly Classifying the Machines

To make things easy, we are going to look at who each machine is best suited for in our reviews. There are some cheap machines for children, some great portable machines for frat houses, and some really expensive that are perfect for practicing your singing career.

Karaoke Tracks

Karaoke tracks are special songs that have the vocals removed. Most machines do not come with any pre-installed, so you have to purchase them or stream them from a separate device. In our big guide we’ll go over all the options, but the two most common ways are streaming YouTube videos or using an app.

To use YouTube, simply search for the song you want and the word karaoke. Some results will be better than others, but most popular songs have uploads where the vocal track is removed. Otherwise, most karaoke machines have their own app to pair with them; simply follow the directions that come with the machine.

How We Made Our List

One of the things you may notice as you read through the list is that we don’t include any component systems. We also don’t include any software or computer interfaces. We’ll look at some of those options afterward.

Our review list is going to focus on stand-alone machines only. Machines that you can buy, set on the floor, and start using. That way, no matter what your skill level, comfort with technology, or equipment collection is, we can make sure that you can grab a machine and start singing.

Top 10 Best Karaoke Machines 2024

1. Best Overall: Singtrix Party Bundle Karaoke Machine

Singtrix Party Bundle Karaoke Machine

Editor’s Rating:

5 of 5 stars

Why we like it:

The mic and mic stand is fantastic, the controller is fantastic, and the speaker is fantastic. There’s just nothing to hate.

Quick Specs:
  • Style:Mic Stand
  • Microphones:1 Wired
  • Speakers:1 Detached 40watt
  • Inputs:Included library, WiFi, Bluetooth, and Instrument
  • Coolest Feature:The portable controller has hundreds of effects, including harmonizing and voice-morphing

Who’s It For?

This is the best karaoke machine for the serious singing enthusiast. Whether you are practicing for your next major gig or you have a following at your local karaoke bar, this machine has all the elements necessary to help you practice, have fun, and get the most out of a microphone.

The price is a big reason for this; you have to be really into singing to justify paying almost four times what you’d pay for other decent mic stand-style machines like the SingStand 2. It also has a lot of features that your average casual karaoke singer probably won’t need. Vocal effects? A separate monitor? Individual volume and tone control instead of automatic controls? If none of those things excite you, just get something like the KaroKing which is a really good unit with flashing lights that you won’t have to spend an hour dialing in the perfect settings to make work.

Our Review

Do you want an entire backup band and studio engineer in a box? This machine has it. You can sing your own harmonies, record, and dial in the perfect music to sing over. It even looks like a studio mic setup, with the detached monitor and sleek stand.

It’s great for anyone because of how it has different modes for different skill levels, but honestly, it’s not that hard to pull up different song levels on any karaoke machine. It has an impressive visual effects package too.

Yet what is most impressive here is the 40-watt studio speaker and the quality microphone. This system is about as close as you can get to building your own dedicated PA system without actually building your own PA system. Sprinkle in some fun vocal effects, instrument inputs, and the ability to record your singing, and you have a perfect recipe for practicing vocal control and wowing your friends.


  • Great sound quality
  • A lot of really nice settings
  • Looks like a professional setup


  • Expensive
  • Has a lot of settings you will never touch

2. Best Budget: Memorex SingStand 2

Memorex SingStand 2

Editor’s Rating:

4.5 of 5 stars

Why we like it:

This inexpensive system comes with a mic stand, phone/tablet holder, and a speaker. That’s everything you need.

Quick Specs:
  • Style:Mic Stand
  • Microphones:1 Wired
  • Speakers:Dual 5 Watt Built-In
  • Inputs:AUX, Instrument, Bluetooth
  • Coolest Feature:The Voice Control balances your voice to the music automatically

Who’s It For?

Entry-level singing enthusiasts rejoice because this karaoke machine has everything you want out of a mic stand-style machine but costs less than half what other decent devices like the iSM1030BT cost.

The speaker isn’t great, the microphone is honestly pretty bad, and the stand is missing a lot of the adjustments that a real mic stand would have. However, when you are just getting into a new hobby, simply having something that functions similarly to more expensive units can be beneficial. Plus, it makes it more fun if it looks the part.

Our Review

The SingStand 2 has a lot of features that are similar to the impressive Singtrix machine. It’s got instrument inputs, so you can play along with a guitar. It’s also got a smartphone or tablet stand, a mic stand, and a few vocal effects. It even looks good; it’s a lot more like a stage mic in design than the more children’s toy style that many karaoke machines have.

This machine does suffer a little in the quality department. The microphone is just ok, and you will never rattle windows with only 5 watts of power. At the price point though, it’s excellent, and is a great budget pick up for some casual karaoke fun.


  • Inexpensive
  • Has a lot of features you’d get from a more expensive machine
  • Doesn’t look like a toy


  • The microphone isn’t very high quality
  • Speaker isn’t very high quality either
  • The bland appearance may not appeal to some

3. Best Portable: HIKEP Portable Karaoke Machine

HIKEP Portable Karaoke Machine

Editor’s Rating:

4.5 of 5 stars

Why we like it:

It’s a complete battery-powered audio entertainment system that’s easy to set up where the party is.

Quick Specs:
  • Style:Portable
  • Microphones:1 Wired
  • Speakers:30watt Built-In
  • Inputs:Bluetooth, USB, AUX, Radio
  • Coolest Feature:It runs on batteries so you can take it wherever you go

Who’s It For?

The best feature of the Hikep Portable machine is the big 3000mAh battery. That gives this portable unit 6 hours of max volume playing, so you can start your summer beach party after dinner and keep going until after midnight. It’s the perfect thing for anyone that wants to bring karaoke with them wherever they go.

Not only that, but it also makes a really nice portable PA or guitar amp. If you like to narrate friendly sports matches between friends or lead a marching protest, then that portability can really come in handy.

Our Review

There are a ton of portable karaoke machines on the market. Almost all of them are battery-powered, include a microphone, and have some kind of disco light stuck on them somewhere.

Two things set the Hikep apart. Feel free to call us vain, but the first thing is that it looks good. It looks like a proper musical instrument instead of a lava lamp induced nightmare. There are plenty of units, like the SML385UW, that are glowing plastic boxes. It’s really nice that Hikep chose to make a product that is a little more sophisticated.

The second is that the battery lasts a lot longer than similarly priced portable units. The microphone isn’t wireless, which is unfortunate. It also doesn’t have two mic inputs, so no duets on the beach. The tradeoff, however, is great durability and that 6-hour battery life.


  • Great battery life
  • Portable
  • Doesn’t look like a toy


  • Doesn’t have a wireless microphone
  • Doesn’t support 2 microphones simultaneously

4. Best for Parties: KaraoKing Karaoke Machine

KaraoKing Karaoke Machine

Editor’s Rating:

4 of 5 stars

Why we like it:

It’s loud, sounds great, and you wheel it from room to room like singing airline luggage.

Quick Specs:
  • Style:Compact
  • Microphones:2 Wireless
  • Speakers:50w Built-In
  • Inputs:USB, AUX, Bluetooth, FM radio
  • Coolest Feature:This thing lights up like an entire Disco all by itself

Who’s It For?

If you want to host parties that people talk about for years, then this is for you. If you have a full bar next to your fridge and own an authentic stadium nacho cheese dispenser, this is for you. If the cops know you by name and when they arrive at 2 AM, you answer the door saying, “sorry officer, yeah, I’ll turn it down,” then this is for you.

The KaraoKing gets loud and includes two wireless microphones so you and your buddy can sing a duet on stage without risking getting tangled together. It also has more lights than a UFO and is battery powered so you can drag it outside and signal to the aliens while announcing the winner of the limbo contest.

Our Review

We were a little hard on karaoke machines with a bunch of lights in our review of the much more refined Hikep machine. Sometimes, though, karaoke isn’t meant to be taken seriously. It’s true. That’s what the KaraoKing exemplifies: having fun. Everything about it is built around drunken shenanigans, late-night partying, and forcing your shy friend to join you on stage to sing a duet that neither of you knows the words to.

If you still want an ultimate party machine that doesn’t have the lights or gimmicks, take a look at the Singing Machine Pedestal. They are both on the expensive side, but both highly capable personal amps and karaoke centers. The Singing Machine is not portable, but it has better speakers and a screen for displaying lyrics. The KaraoKing has a clamp to hold a tablet instead, but you’d have to bend down and stare into the blinding disco lights to read the lyrics, which makes it sort of useless.


  • Wireless
  • Includes 2 microphones
  • Battery-powered


  • A little expensive
  • No mic or tablet stand

5. Best for Family Fun Night: Singsation All-In-One Karaoke System

Singsation All-In-One Karaoke System

Editor’s Rating:

4 of 5 stars

Why we like it:

Disco light? Check. Mic stand with mic? Check. Lots of fun switches, effects, and dials? Check. This is a great karaoke machine for nights in with the family and a bit of post-dinner fun.

Quick Specs:
  • Style:Mic Stand
  • Microphones:1 Wired
  • Speakers:Dual 5watt Built-In
  • Inputs:Bluetooth
  • Coolest Feature:The stand has built-in party lights and can adjust from 2ft to 6ft

Who’s It For?

This is the perfect machine for families that love to sing. It’s got a ton of features that are sure to please a large variety of people. It’s got a disco light to entertain the audience, vocal effects to entertain the children with, and it’s self-contained so it can be moved to the garage when the kids get too loud.

The sound quality is good enough that an emerging teen diva won’t hate it, and it’s cheap enough that it makes an easy family Christmas gift. Just make sure to get the younger ones to help change the settings as soon as possible. The only way to adjust things is by the dials in the foot of the pedestal; bad backs be warned.

Our Review

This machine is a really great compromise between the cost of the Singtrix machine and the lower cost, but lower quality, of the SingStand 2. It does not have the fit, finish, or control of the Singtrix, but it has more features, effects, and lights than the SingStand 2.

Two things prevent this machine from being higher rated. The first is the awkward controls. Having to do yoga to adjust the volume can get annoying quickly.

The second is the speaker. It sounds ok at low volumes but distorts very quickly as the noise is increased. It’s an easy thing to solve, though. Just plug it into your soundbar or external speakers using the headphone jack. Done.


  • Good value
  • Can be adjusted for both kids and adults
  • Has a lot of fun features to play with


  • The built-in speaker isn’t great
  • Controls are hard to reach while performing

6. Best Premium: Magic Sing E5+ Karaoke Set

Magic Sing E5+ Karaoke Set

Editor’s Rating:

4 of 5 stars

Why we like it:

It looks stunning, has a ton of built-in songs, and you control the system with buttons on the microphone.

Quick Specs:
  • Style:Compact Console
  • Microphones:2 Wireless Mics
  • Speakers:Not Included
  • Inputs:WiFi, HDMI, USB, Magic Sing App
  • Coolest Feature:You can control all the song settings using buttons on the microphones

Who’s It For?

The 2020 Magic Sing is for people who are willing to spend a bit more for a device that is a bit fancier. Something that would look fine sitting on the cherry end table between the caribou chairs and a conversation starter for when you have the coworkers over for wine and cheese.

That’s because this gadget is supremely elegant. First, it comes with two wireless microphones that are also remote controls for the machine. You and a singing partner don’t even have to get up out of your recliners. Just grab the mic, scroll to your favorite duet, and begin. Second, if machines like the SML385UW look too much like they belong in a preteen bedroom, the Magic Sing microphones wouldn’t look out of place in a rap star’s mansion.

Our Review

There are two karaoke machines on our list that can be controlled by buttons on the microphone: the Magic Sing here and the Bonaok wireless microphone. They could not be more different. The Bonaok is cheap, only plays music from an external device, and is completely self-contained.

The Magic Sing needs to be plugged into your home theater system, has its own massive music library, and is the most expensive machine on our list. That makes the initial setup a little harder. When it’s set up and ready, though, it’s ridiculously easy to use. We weren’t exaggerating above; you can be fully reclined in your favorite chair, pick up the mic, and start singing your favorite song. For many, that’s a feature worth paying the price for.


  • It looks fantastic
  • It’s very easy to use
  • It includes 2 wireless mics


  • It’s very expensive
  • It needs to be plugged into a home entertainment system

7. Best Do It All: Singing Machine ISM1030BT

Singing Machine ISM1030BT

Editor’s Rating:

4 of 5 stars

Why we like it:

This machine is about as close as you can get to a professional karaoke station.

Quick Specs:
  • Style:Pedestal
  • Microphones:2 Wired Mics
  • Speakers:Included
  • Inputs:Bluetooth, CD, USB
  • Coolest Feature:For most, the awesome speakers, but for some it will be the fact that it can play CD-G

Who’s It For?

This machine takes up a lot of room. It’s tall, holds two microphones, and has two large speakers that are detached and can be placed around the room for a great stereo effect. It’s also got its own display for lyrics, something unique to this machine on our list.

That makes it the perfect machine for anyone that loves karaoke enough that they are willing to section off a large area of their game room to make sure that they have the perfect stage.

It’s also perfect for the few people out there that have a collection of CD-Gs. Most modern machines have dropped the format in favor of MP3s or streaming from other devices. This Singing Machine does all of that and more.

Our Review

You can think of the Singing Machine as the grown-up version of the KaraoKing machine. It has lost the bright lights in favor of an easy to read lyric screen. It left portability behind in favor of sound quality, and it picked up some old school inputs so that it can better connect with grandma and grandpa.

It’s still fantastic for parties. It includes two mics and can double as an entire sound system for when you just want to play some tunes and enjoy the evening.

The problem with getting older is that the new generation might not appreciate the classics. CD+Gs are hard to find nowadays unless you stumble across them at a thrift store. The other problem with getting older is that you don’t want to move around as much. The wired mics don’t allow the freedom that the wireless KaraoKing allows, and the need to stay near the pedestal to control the device means you’ll be stuck in whichever room it is set up in.

Still, if you have the room and want the full karaoke night experience, it’s perfect.


  • Has really good speakers
  • Includes 2 mics and has a lyric screen
  • Can play old formats


  • Takes up a lot of space
  • Old formats are getting hard to find

8. Best Entry Level: Singing Machine SML385BTW

Singing Machine SML385BTW

Editor’s Rating:

4 of 5 stars

Why we like it:

It’s an inexpensive all-in-one machine that has tons of inputs and sounds really decent for the price.

Quick Specs:
  • Style:Compact
  • Microphones:1 Wired
  • Speakers:1 Built-in
  • Inputs:WiFi, Bluetooth, CD, USB
  • Coolest Feature:It’s covered in more lights and dials than a 50s Jukebox

Who’s It For?

Do you host parties, but you aren’t sure how well karaoke would go with your friends? Instead of spending over $200 on the KaraoKing, just grab this Singing Machine instead. It’s about the same size, still lights up like an entire club, and you won’t feel bad if you lose interest in it after a month. It’s good enough quality, though, that you won’t be left wondering if you’d actually enjoy the activity if you had just gotten a higher quality machine.

There is another scenario where this machine really shines: when your child asks you for a karaoke machine so they can start their own singing career. It’s a lot closer to a professional setup than gimmicky machines like the Bonaok, but there are still enough razzle-dazzle to keep younger minds entertained.

Our Review

Does it have the greatest microphone or best-sounding speaker? No. Does it look like the offspring between a mini-fridge and a Christmas tree? Yes. Is it the perfect centerpiece for a slumber party? Absolutely.

The nicest thing about this machine is that it’s inexpensive without being cheap. It plays a large variety of formats and can be hooked into a TV. It has all the features you could ever want, and that allows you to experiment. If you decide you want to upgrade after spending time with the Singing Machine, you’ll know whether you want to go more into the vocal star side of things with the Singtrix machine or go full party mode with the KaraoKing. If you decide you just don’t like karaoke, you’ll know for sure that you gave it the best chance it could have.


  • Inexpensive
  • It’s very feature-rich
  • Full of LEDs


  • Microphone quality could be better
  • Has a very love it or hate it design

9. Easiest to Use: Bonaok Karaoke Microphone

Bonaok Karaoke Microphone

Editor’s Rating:

3.5 of 5 stars

Why we like it:

It’s an entire karaoke machine smooshed down into a single microphone. That’s really neat.

Quick Specs:
  • Style:All-in-one Microphone
  • Microphones:1 Wireless
  • Speakers:Small Built-In
  • Inputs:Bluetooth, USB
  • Coolest Feature: The all in one design makes it as simple as possible to use anywhere

Who’s It For?

Sometimes we need things in our lives to remind us to have fun. The Bonaok microphone is one of those things. It doesn’t have great sound quality or build quality. It’s a tiny speaker trapped in an LED laced plastic cube; you can’t expect it to sound like a full Dolby system. That’s not the point.

It’s perfect for giving as a gift to someone who likes fun gadgets and singing. At your next office Christmas party, give one to the gal in cubicle 23 that’s always singing along with the radio. By the time the office party is over, you’ll be sick of hearing it, but the sheer joy it will bring the recipient is worth it.

Our Review

You can be anywhere, doing anything, and all you have to do is cue up a YouTube video on your phone for instant karaoke time. Pass it around at your next party, use it as a megaphone, or give it to your neighbors 4-year-old and see how long it takes them to go crazy. Or just keep it around as a backup for when your KaraoKing machine runs out of batteries and the crowd is starting to get rowdy.


  • Inexpensive
  • Easy to use
  • Ultra-portable


  • The sound quality is not great
  • Microphone quality is not great either

10. Best for Young Children: L P Kids Karaoke Machine

L P Kids Karaoke Machine

Editor’s Rating:

3.5 of 5 stars

Why we like it:

It’s portable, purple, and complements every child's favorite aesthetic, the Disney Diva.

Quick Specs:
  • Style:Portable Mic Stand
  • Microphones:2 Wired
  • Speakers:Dual Built-In
  • Inputs:AUX
  • Coolest Feature: Definitely the “Dance Tune” foot pedal so you can turn karaoke night into a club night

Who’s It For?

The L P Kids Karaoke Machine is best suited for kids. We know, we were shocked too. Why should young children be the only ones to get an applause button on their mic stand? Which is a great feature, by the way, and allows them to play make-believe in their room.

What’s nice is that it’s not just good for one kid. The machine comes with two microphones, so siblings can sort out their rivalry in a sing-off. It also breaks down and can be easily carried around. As long as the AA batteries are fresh, any child can walk around singing their hearts out no matter where they find themselves.

Our Review

If you analyze this machine as an adult, it’s pretty terrible. It’s made of plastic, the microphones are barely better than an old webcam mic, and the included sound effects are really annoying. You have to put yourself into the mind of a three-year-old to truly understand the brilliance.

As a three-year-old, you think your voice sounds amazing, no matter the quality of the playback. You love that all you have to do to get a song to play is to step on a big foot pedal, and the lights instantly transport you to the stage where your band is about to go live.

When they outgrow the L P Kids machine, it’s an easy upgrade to the Singing Machine SML385BTW. They both work in similar ways, and they both light up like a disco ball. If you have a budding superstar, this machine is a great first step on their musical journey.


  • Has effects pedals that are easy to use
  • Is perfectly sized for a toddler
  • Has 2 microphones


  • Sound effects can be really annoying if you’re not in the mood
  • Microphone quality isn’t very good


Absolutely. Especially with units like the Singtrix machine that are very close in form, function, and sound to a PA.

Karaoke machines play music with the vocal track removed and amplify your voice so that you can sing along with the song instead. They do this using special music tracks that have the vocals removed or by eliminating the frequencies that the vocal tracks utilize.

Yes. There are smartphone apps, video games, and computer programs that can all allow you to perform without a machine. You can also use YouTube and any PA system you want. Simply play the YouTube video and sing over the top of it. We discuss it at length earlier in our guide.

Most do not. You have to either buy CDs, stream songs from the internet, or individually purchase karaoke MP3s. Some machines, like the Magic Sing, include a subscription to song libraries.

YouTube is probably the best place for Karaoke content. Simply search for the song you want, plus the word karaoke, and you will likely find a good track to sing with. Otherwise, websites like Karaoke Version can provide you with a ton of backing tracks for a small price.

Most karaoke machines double as a PA for announcements or simply as a nice Bluetooth speaker. Some, like the Singing Machine iSM1030BT, make a great home stereo system, and others, like the KaraoKing, can double as an instrument amp.

A Closer Look at Karaoke Machines

As you can see, there are a ton of options. If you are still having trouble choosing or just have some unanswered questions, welcome to the big guide. We’ll get in-depth on different elements of karaoke machines, then cap it off with an FAQ section just in case there’s anything we missed.

The Parts of a Karaoke Machine

We said above we’d get a little bit more in-depth on the components, so here we go.


Karaoke machines come with microphones. It’s one of their core features, but they vary wildly between machines. The issue with a cheap mic, like the one that comes with the Bonaok machine, is that even if you are a great singer, it can be disheartening when the recording sounds bad.

On the other hand, machines like the Singtrix that do come with great mics tend to cost a lot more. It’s up to you to decide how much you are willing to pay for audio quality. It’s certainly the biggest factor that affects the price.


The counterpart to the microphone is the speaker. Cheaper machines will have cheaper, lower-quality speakers being powered by low power amps. The speakers in the L P Kids machine are much lower quality than the KaraoKing’s onboard speaker, and they have prices to match.

The good news is that it’s easy to plug many machines into your home sound system instead. Machines like the Singstation All-In-One have a line out feature that makes it easy to tie into any existing audio system. Systems like the Magic Sing machine have to use your existing sound system; they have no included speakers.


How you choose songs and how you select effects makes a huge difference in how easy it is to use a machine. Most modern machines, like the Memorex SingStand and the KaraoKing, use a tablet or smartphone as their primary interface. Since you’ll be streaming the music from your device to the machine, the complexity varies from app to app and device to device.

Other machines, like the Singtrix, have their own control panel that can be used for all sorts of things like selecting songs or changing settings. That can be nice if you like the tactile feedback a physical dial gives you and are sick of everything having to be a touchscreen.

Inputs and Outputs

The inputs and outputs are usually not huge considerations when buying a machine. You can expect all modern machines to have some sort of smartphone or tablet connection, either Bluetooth or USB, and you can expect all modern machines to have ⅛”, or AUX, inputs as well.

Beyond those basic inputs, some machines have ¼” inputs for instruments or multiple microphone inputs. That way, you can play guitar along with a song or sing a duet with a friend. The Hikep Portable machine has a ton of extra inputs so that you can use it as a mobile sound system in addition to singing karaoke. It can play songs from SD cards, USB drives, and it’s an FM radio. Perfect for rocking out in the middle of the woods.

Voice Effects

A lot of machines include voice effects. You can pitch your voice up or drop it down. You can make it sound like you have a chorus of backup singers, which is always fun.

On the Singtrix machine, some effects can even pitch correct so that anyone can sound amazing no matter how bad they are at singing. Other effects are purely for entertaining kids and playing pranks on friends, like the chipmunk setting on the Singstation All-In-One.

Getting Songs

Now you’ve got a machine, how do you upload your favorites? These are the primary ways to get songs to play through your machine.

Special Karaoke Formats

There are special songs recorded just for karaoke machines. They are usually limited to more popular songs, but the way they are encoded allows the karaoke machines to display lyrics along with playing the song. The older format, CD+G, is found on karaoke CDs that you can buy in stores. Many modern machines no longer have a cd player, though, so you have to stick to machines like the Singing Machine iSM1030BT if you have a stack of them lying around.

MP3+G is a lot more common. The +G just means graphical; they have the lyrics recorded as words that can be displayed. You can buy the MP3+Gs from sites like All Star Karaoke, or you can stream them from dedicated apps on your device. Most karaoke machines will have an app that they prefer; just read the manual.


YouTube has millions of tracks uploaded just for karaoke. Like the Sing King channel, some channels create videos that include the lyrics and are incredibly easy to just stream from your device to your karaoke machine.

Just search for the song you want plus the words “karaoke version,” and chances are you’ll find a video.

Karaoke Without a Machine

You don’t need a karaoke machine to sing karaoke; it just makes it a lot easier. Here are the three best alternatives.

Video Games

There are a ton of video games that turn your gaming console into a karaoke machine. They are often broken down into genres like We Sing Pop or Let’s Sing Country. If you have a gaming console already, they are a fairly inexpensive way to break into the karaoke world. Plus, they always have crazy graphics that make watching other people sing a lot more fun.

Computer Software

In today’s era of Zoom meetings and Skype calling, most people have a microphone for their computer already. You can use that mic to sing and record karaoke using computer programs like PCDJ.
women on stage sing into a mic

Component Systems

Component systems are the best systems you can get. A karaoke machine, at its core, is just a bunch of components. They are made of speakers, amplifiers, microphones, and mixers. You can simply buy all those things separately and get the best system possible. Some companies even bundle a lot of things together for you, like this Rockville system.

It’s a lot more complicated than just buying a dedicated machine, though, and it’s usually a lot more expensive. However, if you need the best, there’s no substitute.

Let the Singing Contests Commence!

Whether you are a karaoke enthusiast or just like to belt a few songs out while with friends and family, we hope that one of the machines on our list inspires you to brush up on the lyrics and warm up those vocal cords. Crank the volume up, raise the lights, and show them all what you’ve got.

Team MusicVibe

Whether it be the heady sonatas of a lone violin or the thrashing distortion of an amped-up guitar, we here at MusicVibe have an ear for it. Our team has performed gigs, played in concerts, and spent a lifetime fiddling with soundscapes in their bedrooms. They know a musician is only as good as their gear – and that musicians don’t just need the best gear, but they need the right gear for them. We help beginners find their feet in their first foray into the world of frets and fiddles, and give experts a leg-up in finding that studio-defining kit and most importantly, getting the best out of it. We’re here to help you play out your tune, so enjoy our library of content so you can hit the high notes.